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Safe Parking strategies

Vehicle break-ins are on the rise in the city of Toronto and there are few things you can do to combat break-ins.

Here are a few simple strategies you can do to protect your vehicle from being broken in to.

  1. Keep valuables out of site. If they can't see it, it isn't there. Hide all electronic devices, purses, wallets, equipment and other items of value out of site and you can significantly reduce the potential for a break-in.

  2. Park your car in an open well lit area. While most parking lots are well lit, there can be areas of the lot where the lighting isn't sufficient enough and this can attract unwanted visitors to your vehicle as it makes the perpetrator less visible to the public.

  3. Avoid parking garages. Break-ins occur more frequently in parking garages compared to outdoor surface lots because they are out of the public view and are less likely to encounter other people.

  4. Lock your vehicle. Sounds obvious but this is the number 1 reason cars get broken in to. Perpetrators will scan parking lots by walking up to cars and checking for unlocked cars. If it's open, they're going in.

Being proactive and vigilant when parking your vehicle can make a huge difference when it comes to the safety and security of your vehicle. Apply these simple steps to your daily parking routine and ensure your vehicle is safe and secure.

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